Festool Sanding, Grinding & Polishing Accessories

Prep any surface for painting, priming or coating with the line of Festool® Sanding, Grinding and Polishing Accessories. Whether you are preparing sheet rock for priming or painting or removing tough materials from wood or metal surfaces, our sanding tools can remove even the most stubborn materials. Our accessories can also bring a shine to surfaces that need a little polishing.

Use our sanding accessories in tandem with our array of Festool sanders to bring the exact finish you want to any surface. Many of our sanders include integrated dust removal technology to keep your workspace neater. This is especially helpful for overhead sanding.

Festool sanding discs can be paired with our rotary and orbital sanders to strip or refinish a variety of surfaces. Each disc or sheet is manufactured to work with a specific sander. Our sanders are each designed for slightly different purposes, including bringing a fine, smooth finish to wood or metal. Pair our sanders with Festool polishing accessories to bring a glossy finish to your completed project.

Many of our sanders are designed for different shapes and surfaces, and for tiny details that need finer machinery. Festool sanding sheets often include adhesives to easily mount to our orbital and linear sanders. Extra or replacement Festool backing pads allow you to preload sanding discs and simply switch out pads for easy and fast workflow. Having several backing pads prepped could help you focus on the task at hand, rather than switching out worn out sanding sheets.

If you are refinishing wood or metal, you need the right tools to strip away old paint and coatings. Woodworkers who fabricate new furniture need the right sanding equipment to give your surfaces a nice, smooth finish. Festool sanding, grinding and polishing accessories work in conjunction with our sanders to prepare almost any surface, including drywall, for priming, painting and polishing.