Since they introduced the first portable chainsaw in 1929, Festool® power tools have led the industry in precision, innovation and portability. By combining state-of-the-art design with acute attention to detail, Festool has established a reputation as a prestigious brand for professional woodworkers. With a suite of quality equipment designed to work well together, Festool power tools are well worth considering.

Festool saws are ergonomic, portable and so precise that they can easily replace larger stationary equipment. With the help of revolutionary saw track technology, these saws can easily cut a clean line through sheet goods at any angle. Festool's jigsaws are also top of their class, with precision blade guides, comfort grip handles and integrated dust management. Thoughtful design and years of experience make these Festool power tools easy to use, store and clean up after.

Festool planers also demonstrate a keen sense for the needs of the woodworker. With a single self-aligning blade, adjustable fence and a powerful motor, these sturdy tools will help you achieve a smooth surface on even the hardest workpieces. For edge shaping and fine joinery work, Festool routers can't be beaten. Their lightweight design and quick depth adjustment make it easy to achieve an impressive result, every time.

For finishing, Festool sanders are the best in their class. You can count on the company that invented the first random orbital sander to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. Like all Festool power tools, integrated dust collection is a key feature of these sturdy machines.

When you buy Festool power tools, you aren't just buying an individual product. You're investing in a complete woodworking system, where every part is specially designed to work with every other part. From dust collection to tool storage to high-performance cutting and finishing equipment, you can count on Festool to think of everything.