Choose Festool® power tool accessories to make joinery, cutting, drilling, finishing and trimming projects organized, efficient and successful. All Festool accessory lines have innovative designs and are precision-engineered. One pioneering line includes Festool dominos, which are joinery biscuits so-named after their rectangular shape and textured pattern. These beech and mahogany biscuits provide durable mortise joinery. Another line includes precision-milled Festool blades, with revolutionary cutting edges to reduce resistance against saw cuts and provide smooth, burn-free edges. Accessories also include products for Festool SDS hammer drills, edge-banders, routers and sanders and polishers.

Festool drill bits for SDS hammer drills have an innovative 4-edge structure that bores easily through stone, brick and concrete. Festool edge banding accessories include cross-cutting product lines to complement its innovative system for banding edges and trimming banded edges. They include Festool router bits that provide radius trim cuts with 4 cutting surfaces. Other edge-banding accessories protect surface finishes when banding is applied or provide tabletop mounting with up to 47-degree beveling. Festool power tool accessories for Festool sanders and polishers include high-tech abrasive sanding sheets and discs. For routers, they include template and edge guides.

Festool jigsaws and routers also have an accompanying system of Festool guide rails and accessories. The guide rails come in eight different lengths, up to 15 feet, providing plenty of length for ripping long boards. Each is constructed with a built-in splinter guard. They can also be clamped to a portable multi-function table. Which is part of another line of Festool power tool accessories that includes mobile and lightweight tool stands for sawing, routing and sanding tasks on site. Most tables come complete with perforated tops, side channels and V-grooves for easy tool clamping and adaptation.

Festool power tool accessories provide a cross-cutting system for project work from beginning to end, from prepping and cutting to trimming and finishing. Innovative design combines with precision engineering to create accessories that, together, are reason to take a look at our line of Festool power tools.