Festool Dust Management Tools

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For over eighty years, Festool® has remained committed to innovation and quality craftsmanship. Its design philosophy centers around a seamless tool system, in which every tool perfectly interfaces with every other tool. A key component of this system is a suite of state-of-the-art Festool dust management equipment. Whether you're working around the house, in the shop or on the job site, Festool dust extractors are designed to fit your specific needs.
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The main source of dust in the average wood shop is, of course, the power tools. Festool dust management equipment faces this problem head on, with hoses designed to fit over the dust exhaust ports of all Festool power tools. By plugging the tool into the dust extractor system, you can even key the vacuum to automatically start and stop whenever the tool does. You can also find Festool vacuum hoses and components to adapt your system for many specialized tasks.

Festool dust management systems aren't just innovative, they're also durable. By separating the motor from the dust collection unit completely, Festool has been able to significantly prolong the operating life of their dust extractors. You can keep your system running for longer by purchasing Festool's replacement bags and filters.

Festool's dust extractors integrate perfectly with the rest of their tool system by doubling as rolling storage organizers. All Festool shop vacs are fitted with clips on top for attaching their patented Systainer storage boxes. With this feature, you can bundle your Festool dust management system with all the tools you need, making your tools more portable and easier to keep track of.

Festool is renowned for the care and attention to detail apparent in every part of their catalog, and their dust extractors are no exception. Choose Festool for dust management, and invest in a system that is designed to work together, and last a long time.
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