In 1929, Fezer and Stoll introduced the world's first portable chainsaw. Today, over 80 years later, Festool has changed its name but its reputation for innovation remains. Festool cordless tools incorporate peerless precision, smart dust management and convenient features not offered by other brands.

Festool drills are some of the most effective drills on the market. From a purely mechanical perspective, Festool's brushless drill motors deliver increased battery life and greater torque. Thanks to this smart motor design, a Festool cordless drill will consistently out-perform most drills of its size and voltage, and will even give bigger drills a run for their money. Brushless motors also have fewer parts to wear down, meaning a longer overall life for the tool.

Like the rest of their products, Festool cordless tools lead the world in innovation. Not only are Festool cordless drills powerful machines, but their interchangeable drill chucks also allow you to drive fasteners, drill large holes, and even drill at right angles, all with the same tool. Festool cordless jigsaws incorporate state of the art dust management. The Carvex line includes a built-in dust exhaust port, designed to connect to a Festool shop vac. Keep the air you breathe healthier with the help of Festool cordless tools.

Festool is committed to a "system" design philosophy; all their tools are designed to function together seamlessly. To that end, all Festool cordless tools come with their own Systainer cases, which stack and interlock for easy storage and transport. Keep your shop organized with the help of Festool's tool storage solutions.

For the better part of a century, Festool has been committed not only to making quality tools, but to pushing the limits of what is possible. With tools that excel in both performance and innovation, it's no wonder Festool cordless tools are such a popular choice.