About Fein Vacuums
Fein vacuums and dust extractors are effective and durable yet powerful vacuums to help you quickly, easily, and safely clean up your workplace, shop, or jobsite. Fein’s lineup of vacuums includes the Turbo II and Turbo I vacuums which also include wet/dry vacuums, vacuums with HEPA filters, and professional capabilities. Fien offers a comprehensive selection of vacuums that are heavy duty and ready for you to use!

Fein Vacuum Accessories
In addition to vacuums, Fein also offers a variety of vacuum attachments, vacuum bags, and vacuum filters that help you give your vacuum added functionality as well as keep your vacuum in good, working condition.

Why Buy a Fein Vacuum?
Fein vacuums and dust extractors offer a compact, efficient, and high quality wet/dry vacuum to help you keep your home, shop, or jobsite safe and clean.

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