About Extech Instruments
Since the company's beginning in the United States, Extech instruments have been optimized for a variety of uses, from health and safety to HVAC, electrical and plumbing. Each tool from tachometers to anemometers is rigorously tested and maintained to ensure the highest quality for any application. Professionals whose jobs require the highest standards of safety rely on Extech tools every day to ensure the best quality workmanship in everything they do. But high quality isn’t limited to professionals. Tradespeople and hobbyists can enjoy the simple excellence of a trustworthy tool without completely emptying their wallets. Acme Tools offers a large selection of these valuable tools, from light meters to dataloggers at amazing prices every time.

Types of Extech Tools
With so many jobs relying on accurate test equipment, it’s no wonder Extech products are in high demand. Get high-quality electrical testers for any electrical contracting. Ensure safety for employees and customers with water quality testers and sound level meters. Make sure your ac/dc power supplies are in working order by taking a reading with a non-contact clamp meter or digital multimeters. Don't forget to check out FLIR and inspection cameras, voltage detectors, battery testers and temperature measurement tools. From grand industrial professions to small home mechanics, everyone needs the right tool to ensure safety and efficiency. Get yours when you pick up the industry-specific tools by Extech for your workplace.

Why Buy Extech Products?
Looking for another reason to choose Extech? Each of these tools is built with professional use in mind and is verified by the highest safety standards. Everything from borescopes to moisture meters is crafted to hold up in even the most trying circumstances. Take advantage of heavy-duty construction and precision design for any task. Each tool is tested to ensure proper function and accuracy, so you get the safety information you need to get the job done right. Extech instruments are designed to be your new favorite and remain the only testing and measuring tools you’ll ever need. Enjoy great deals today when you get your Extech products at Acme Tools.