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About Empire Level Magnetic Sweep
Empire Level is a Wisconsin-based company that has been making tools for 100 years. The manufacturer produces all its tools in the US and specializes in construction tools and layout application products.

Empire Level offers reliable tools designed to improve productivity and precision. Embracing tech innovations has allowed Empire Level to refine its tools and achieve even more precise measurements and performance.

Types of Empire Magnetic Sweep from Empire Level
Empire Level offers a 24 In Heavy-Duty Magnetic Sweep that cleans up a job site in no time. Workers can push or pull the tool and roll it over a surface to collect magnetic debris before getting back to work.

The Empire magnetic sweep collects up to 30 pounds of debris at once thanks to its powerful magnet and sturdy aluminum shell.

The tool is a quick and easy way to get rid of metallic debris. The release handle allows workers to release the debris instantly. The handle is adjustable and removable to make the tool easy to use and store, and its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver.

Why Buy Empire Magnetic Sweep from Empire Level?
Cleanliness should be a priority on any job site. A clean site improves worker safety and has a positive impact on productivity.

Scheduling regular cleanups is the best way to prevent accidents. Having a quick go-to cleanup tool allows workers to keep the job site safe and clean without interrupting their workflow.

Using a magnetic system is an effective way of cleaning metallic debris. The tool picks up every debris regardless of size, and it won’t miss any of the smaller debris.

This magnetic sweep is an excellent choice since it’s a performing tool, and it’s easy to use. Empire Level offers a one-year warranty on the product and delivers a high-quality system for picking up metallic debris effortlessly.