Drywall Tools

Drywall Tools

Drywall Tools help with the initial installation and finishing work for your drywall projects. There's a tool for every step of the job, and each one can shave minutes or hours from your total work time.
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Drywall lifters wheel sheets around to save you time and effort. Once it's on the lifter, a cart turns your drywall transport into a one-man job. Higher-end drywall carts and lifters have swivel arms to help hoist the sheet into place. Some of them even feature battery-powered hydraulics and sturdy stands to remove virtually all the physical effort from strenuous installation jobs.

Several tools offer safety and convenience features. Drywall tools stilts lift you up stably for higher work. Stilts have soft padding for comfortable support and can add up to 40 inches to your height to reach ceilings taller than the standard eight feet. Drywall specialty tools, such as mixers, add further speed to your work. You can turn mixers by hand or attach them to a drill for extra power. Texture guns and spray hoppers hold textured drywall to spray right on to your wall for instant orange peel or popcorn effects.

A drywall knife places mud into holes for easy drywall repairs. These knives smooth over smaller holes with a single swipe. Special drywall sanding tools smooth down texture or joint compound without damage to the drywall beneath. These tools quickly prep a wall for a top coat of paint or remove the heavy texture that repair jobs leave behind.

Drywall tools save you time and labor. They ensure that the finished drywall looks beautiful and professionally-installed. Grab all the tools you need for your drywall job and enjoy the fine results for years to come.
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