Dremel Router Bits & Accessories

About Dremel Router Bits & Accessories
Create all the professional edges, accurate cuts and perfect mortises you need with Dremel router bits and accessories. Turn your Dremel tool into a professional router with this wide range of durable bits. Whether you need a straight cut, a rounded edge or a unique chamfer, you’ll find them all here. Dremel produces the highest quality bits and blades to form accurate edges and create excellent products. Whether you’re working in your woodshop or creating another elegant piece on the jobsite, choose Dremel bits. Select from a wide range of edge forming tools to create a beautiful edging on all your projects. Craft a clock, cut out a cabinet door or create a memorable box for a loved one. These router bits make it easy to choose the style and curve of your border to match an existing piece or create a brand-new item.

Why Buy Dremel Router Bits & Accessories?
Choose the bit that fits your router tool. Although designed specifically for your Dremel tool, look for compatible routing tools for convenient use. Made out of tungsten carbide and other durable materials, these bits are capable of shaping and cutting even the hardest materials. Grind through cast iron, hard woods, nonferrous metals and softer materials, like PVC. Whether you’re looking for a smooth hole, a curved edge or an accurate cut, choose Dremel bits and accessories today. Select a single bit for the perfect fit or find an entire set of innovative edging tools and router bits to tackle any project that comes your way. Either way, you’ll be prepared with your favorite Dremel tool and routing bit.