About Dremel
Dremel Tools was established in 1932, first producing the handheld, high-speed rotary tool named the Moto-Tool. The versatility and high performance of the first few products attracted DIY-ers and tradesmen alike. Because Dremel strives to empower users, the brand expanded beyond rotary tools, offering a full line of versatile tools. To further support users, the corded and cordless lineup includes oscillating tools, screwdrivers, grinding stones, compact saws, drill bits, specialty sandpaper products, more than 150 accessories, and multiple attachments. With over 85 years of experience, Dremel has become a brand that users know and trust.

Dremel Rotary Tools
The Dremel 3000, Dremel 8220, and Dremel 4000 expansive lineup of rotary tools provides the power, high-speed RPMs, and performance to complete your next project. Dremel rotary tools come in a variety of kits with a variety of options. From the cordless rotary tool kit, variable speed rotary tool kit, to the high-performance rotary tool kit or single speed multipro kits, one is sure to best the best fit for your needs. Choose between kits that offer speed, corded or cordless power, collets, bits, and more.

Dremel Saws
Dremel quickly became the top name in the oscillating tool and multi-tool market with the compact circular saws and high-performing oscillating tools. Unlike traditional saws, Dremel saws come in a variety of weight, RPMs, and motor and blade diameter. The different options of the multi-max allow users to find the best saw for the job. Effortlessly cut through plywood, drywall, and vinyl with the compact Dremel Saw.

Dremel 3D Idea Builder
3D printers are beneficial for both hobbyists and professionals. Dremel's advanced 3D printers boast a built-in heated bed, integrated camera for remote viewing and print job management, RFID filament detection, and support for eco-ABS and nylon filaments. Learn the basics of additive manufacturing with the consumer and educational kits.

Dremel Burning & Heating Tools
Dremel's Burning and Heating tools provide hobbyists and professionals with a range of temperatures needed to get the job done. With the VersaFlame Hot Gas Burner and VersaTip Tool Kits, users can burn, cut, solder, weld, remove paint, and more.

Dremel Power Tool Accessories
Dremel batteries, blades, engraver accessories, rotary accessories, router bits, sanding accessories, polishing accessories, and grinding accessories fall into Power Tool Accessories. With all of the previously mentioned accessories, the possibilities are endless with your rotary tool.

Dremel Hatch Project Kits
Dremel empowers users to bring ideas to life, so they expanded their lineup beyond tools. Dremel Hatch Kits are the perfect way to express your creativity. The on-the-go project kits contain everything you need to finish the project.

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