Dremel® sets the world standard for tool multi-functionality. The company makes tools that can perform virtually any task in your home or hobby workshop.
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Dremel tools include saws, torches and rotary tools. Dremel saws make fast work of wood, metal and many more materials. They use easy-to-change blades for fast cut-off work or flush cutting. The versatile saws can equip accessories that give them the capacity to work as metal grinders or as sanders and buffers. Their high-quality blades are made to last and give you longer performance than similar models.

Dremel rotary tools feature high-RPM motors that spin a variety of accessories, such as blades, grinders, polishing wheels, sanding discs and more. Use them to remove splinters or burrs from your workpieces to get a professional-looking finish. They're available in corded and battery-powered models. Dremel torches are portable mini-torches that use gas to quickly ignite a customizable flame for whatever your project requires. You can solder, cut, or burn your pieces with them.

Dremel tools are excellent gifts for beginning craftsmen. They're easier to transport and store than a separate tool collection, and their quick-change accessories are ideal for specific craft projects. You can get Dremel tool accessories in multi-packs for greater convenience than purchasing them one at a time. Since the blades are small, and the tools' motors are less powerful than full-sized power tools, young children can safely learn trade work with appropriate adult supervision.

Dremel makes the tools that let you finish light jobs in less time than other toys. They're fantastic starter tools since you can upgrade them over time with Dremel power tool accessories as you need them. Check out our wide selection of Dremel tools and grab the tool that's just right for your requirements.
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