About Diamond Tools

Over the past 50 years, Diamond Products worked hard to become a world leader in the construction industry by delivering the highest quality tools and equipment. By offering an expansive selection of Core Drill Rigs, Concrete Saws, Block Saws, Grinders, and other equipment, users gain access to high-quality power tools that the task at hand requires.

Diamond Tools Products

Diamond Product Abrasive discs come in many different models to assist in concrete, masonry, cast-iron, and asphalt tasks. The discs grind stainless steel, concrete, masonry, and cast material at high speeds. Super thin, small diameter, high-speed cut-off wheels produce high-speed cutting times for ferrous metals. The general purpose wheels have impressive cut rates and significant wheel life.

Core Cut Sawing Equipment
Diamond Product's heavy-duty collection of Wire Saws, Hand Saws, Tile Saws, and more, deliver the power and versatility to create the best cutting experience.

Delux-Cut Diamond Blades
The expansive lineup of saw blades ensure maximum performance. Customers can choose from Floor Grinder blades, Hydraulic Hand Saw blades, Ring Saw blades, and many others.

Core Bore Bits & Coring Equipment
Diamond Core Bits and Core Rigs are built for heavy-duty applications. With convenient and easy to use features, users can core through all types of materials.