DEWALT Grinders

DEWALT® Grinders include a vast array of angle grinders, die grinders and bench grinders that can be used for various applications. Whether you need to refine edging on a metal surface or sharpen edges, choose from the range of DEWALT tools for your next project.
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DEWALT angle grinders can house different fittings to polish, sharpen or sand various surfaces. Quick release features allow for switching out different wheels and attachments without specialized tools. A cutting wheel or cutting disc can be used to slice through tough, brittle surfaces like stone and concrete. The most common application for these types of tools is for general contractors and plumbers who need to cut custom pipe lengths. Additional fittings can be used for sanding down wood or metal surfaces. Look for kits from DEWALT that include the grinding wheel for added convenience.

DEWALT die grinders are used in conjunction with several different types of mounted attachments and fittings to cut, grind and polish metal, stone, tile and more. These tools work at speeds of up to 25,000 RPMs for all types of working conditions. Paddle switches and comfort-grip handles make DEWALT angle grinders easier to control and operate. Corded models have standard electrical outputs to run off of generators.

Any woodshop or tool shop will benefit from the line of DEWALT bench grinders. A bench grinder is used to smooth the finished edges of cut wood. It is also used to sharpen any tool from a drill bit, planning tools, scissors, or any cutting edge that has gotten dull. Look for more horsepower (HP) for industrial applications, and smaller motors for home projects.

DEWALT grinders can be used for a broad range of applications. They are essential for woodworkers or any professional who needs to cut into metal piping. No matter what kind of surface you need to finish, check out the line of DEWALT tools.
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