If you've recently purchased a DEWALT saw or router, you may be looking to optimize the tool with blade attachments or other finishing tools. DEWALT® Cutting Accessories offer a complete line of blades for DEWALT saws. Whether you're outfitting a new purchase, replacing a blade or looking for new accessories, we offer a full line of blades for popular circular saws, reciprocating saws, jig saws, and planers.
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Most saw blades are carbide tipped for ongoing durability and sharpness. DEWALT jigsaw blades help you cut any intricate patterns into your woodworking projects. Look for blades that also fit into other types of universal shank settings to replace worn out equipment.

If you're in the middle of a remodelling project, you may need a variety of tools for prying and cutting. The line of DEWALT reciprocating saws and DEWALT jigsaw blades can bore through plaster, concrete, plumbing and more. These tools are faster and more convenient than crowbars and sledgehammers, and can make your demolition easier and faster.

For woodworking and refinishing enthusiasts, DEWALT planer blades and planer knives work in conjunction with DEWALT planers to mill the wood to a precise thickness or to fine it down to the smoothness you need. Planer blades can cut down wood for cabinets, furniture, fencing, decking and more. Look for carbide-tipped blades for tougher jobs, and disposable blades for specific projects.

DEWALT portable band saws help you take your woodworking needs on the road with you. Cut wide bends into almost any wood thickness with DEWALT portable band saw blades. These blades are engineered for increased durability and professional-grade performance with increased cobalt content and alloy steel backing.

The family of DEWALT cutting accessories can work with your existing or new DEWALT saws and cutting tools. Some of our blades are universally sized for other tool brands. DEWALT can help with your remodel or your precise woodworking projects.
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