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DEWALT cut out tools deliver finish-quality results when cutting wood, plywood, drywall and other materials. Designed to make each cutting job simple and fast, many offer quick, tool-free bit changes and robust, heavy-duty motors. We provide a selection of cut-out tools and kits that come with accessories you might need on the job site, like additional batteries, extra bits and an easy-to-carry box.
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One of most frustrating challenges you may face on a jobsite may not have to do with the actual work you are completing. The problem may actually lie in how to install pipes, wiring or fittings through different types of materials while delivering a high-quality look. This issue is solved with a cordless cut out tool. These types of tools offer a high RPM and a variety of bits that can cut through many different materials, like plywood, drywall, wood or even plastic.

These DEWALT cordless tools are also small and lightweight, usually weighing an average of about three pounds. The small stature of these cordless cut out tools is important, especially when attempting to cut a small, but necessary hole in a tight space.

Choosing the tools that will work best for your jobsite will depend on the features you need. If, for instance, you typically work in dark areas, like basements, DEWALT power tools with bright LED lights can help you ensure the high-quality finish you want. No matter what line of work you're in, however, make sure the tools you choose Lithium-Ion cut-out tools to ensure the best functionality.

Using DEWALT cut out tools can make your workday easier, as these tools help you get into tight spaces and deliver the finish you want. They can also make cutting through a variety of different materials easy and quick. Whether you're cutting through drywall or woods, there are a variety of cut out tools and kits to choose from.
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