DEWALT Air Compressors

DEWALT ® is known for its solid-state tools and accessories, serving the building and home improvement communities since 1922. DEWALT Power Tools cover options for all the major building trades including woodworking, plumbing, electrical and construction. DEWALT air compressors and accessories provide power for the company's pneumatic tools and devices and fulfill a range of other tasks.
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DEWALT Compressors come in a variety of options for various applications. Some offer silencing capabilities, and some are easily portable. Each one of our compressors will serve a different purpose in the shop. The size of the tool or the job will determine what size of a compressor you need. Smaller and lighter compressors are more portable but may not have enough PSI to power the bigger jobs. Some tools and job sites may require a commercial-sized DEWALT air compressor to get the job done.

Air compressor accessories, such as couplers, reels, fittings, hoses and are important to connect the tank and the pump to the DEWALT air compressor itself. Before you make your final purchase, double check the size of the compressor. Match the couplers and fittings first and then move onto hoses and reels. When buying a hose, make sure it's the appropriate length for the job. A portable DEWALT air compressor can do most everything from power a small tool to refill the air in a tire. A larger air compressor may have higher electrical requirements, so check the AMPs on your circuit before plugging one in at home.

DEWALT air compressors are necessary to power certain types of tools and make the job site more efficient. If you take your car off-road and need to refill a tire in a pinch, this is the tool for you. Whether you need a DEWALT air compressor to power your nail gun, paint sprayer, drill or more, there are various options in many sizes to fit the right job.
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