About CST Berger
For the best in quality measuring tools. CST Berger can’t be beaten for the price or performance. The wide selection of laser measuring tools adds both efficiency and accuracy to your construction project. With accuracy that can come as close to 3/32 of an inch at 100 feet, this tool is groundbreaking when it comes to the quality of your work. However, these measuring tools aren’t just for small job sites. With extended ranges that can track almost 2,000 feet in diameter, this tool is flexible enough to meet large scale work applications. This is an essential apparatus whenever you are working with exterior leveling projects such as site work, grading, foundations, and excavating footing. The engineers at CST account for the tough working conditions these tools will be exposed too, with construction designs that included an over-mold to protect the tool from work site conditions. It can also protect the laser when dropped from about 3 feet.

Why Buy CST Berger's Measuring Tools?
The rotary head has been enclosed with high-precision glass, and the head is covered with a gasket material that protects the interior from rain or construction dust. The high-performance accuracy is the result of anti-drift features, which will power down the laser whenever the tool has moved from the initial benchmark or whenever it is bumped. An easy to operate slope control increases your accuracy when adjusting to the pitch or slope of the construction site. Quality features include the well-designed casing to withstand weather and environmental impact factors. The battery gauge easily identifies whenever a charge is running low, and the machine operates with a combination of D-cell batteries and AA batteries. This is definitely a choice for professionals when it comes to laser tool needs.