Channellock® produces a broad range of professional quality tools. The company's notable selection of pliers includes more than 120 unique designs, all of which come from manufacturing facilities in the United States. They also offer a complete selection of wrenches, screwdrivers and specialty tools with time-tested designs of their own. Since 1886, Channellock has built its business on reliable, American-made tools.

Many professionals recognize Channellock pliers for their trademarked blue handles. The company developed a history with the color in the 1950s, and they apply it to the handles of each of their tools. Channellock pliers come in a wide variety of styles for use in practically any situation. This includes the brand's trusted tongue and groove pliers and their versatile lineman's pliers, which support thousands of professionals around the world.

Channellock crimpers offer several professional benefits. They come from the same high carbon steel as all the brand's tools, which originates in the U.S. and moves through the manufacturing system at one of the two plants in Pennsylvania. Channellock wrenches follow the same process. After development in these world-class facilities, the tools reach your hands through sellers like us.

We recommend Channellock brand tools for lasting performance in all sorts of work environments. Channellock specialty tools include everything from wire strippers to oil filter pliers. These tools allow users to approach a wide variety of jobs, including plumbing and automotive jobs. Channellock tool sets allow users to stock up on several pieces at once. Frequently paired solutions come pre-packaged and ready for use. The brand provides something for every skill set, including those working in first response situations. Channellock pliers and rescue tools allow users greater control over their work environments.

Find the Channellock tools you need for your job. Built for professionals, these tools come in a broad range of designs made for every situation.