Build your own Milwaukee PACKOUT Kit

Build Your Own Milwaukee PACKOUT Kit
You can build your own customized Milwaukee PACKOUT kit at Acme Tools. Building your very own PACKOUT tool storage kit means you get the best tool storage system for you!

Use our configurator to plan our customized PACKOUT system. You’ll be able to see a live view of exactly how your PACKOUT will look so you can be sure you’re building the best PACKOUT system for your needs. Start with the rolling tool box, and add any tool box, tool case, tool bag, or tool organizer you want! When you’re done, just click add to cart. It’s that easy! Visit today to build the perfect PACKOUT kit today.

What is Milwaukee PACKOUT Organizer?
The PACKOUT tool storage system from Milwaukee is a versatile, durable, and transportable way to to store your hand tools, power tools, and more! The PACKOUT is made up of a rolling tool box base and a series of various sized hard sided tool storage boxes, cases, and Milwaukee PACKOUT backpack and bags that can be configured in an infinite amount of ways. The PACKOUT is highly durable and able to handle the harsh conditions of the jobsite. It’s IP65 rated to withstand the weather and made of impact resistant polymers to withstand years of rough use. The PACKOUT truly changes the way you can store and transport your tools and equipment. Visit the Acme Tools Blog to learn more about Milwaukee PACKOUT.

The Best Tool Storage System...EVER
PACKOUT is the best modular storage system because it can adapt to your day-to-day needs. Begin building your PACKOUT with the rolling tool box, and then build up to what you need for a particular job, or modify it to fit a certain job. Need to bring a circular saw? Store it in the Large Tool Box or Rolling Tool Box and bring it in with ease. Need washers and screws but don’t have a lot of space? Pack a Low Profile Organizer to sort out what you need without taking a lot of room. Have a job that requires you to go up a ladder in a small space? Take a backpack with you and attach an organizer to the bottom. Bring all the essential tools and material you need without having to cram everything in one bag.

Why Buy a Milwaukee PACKOUT?
Milwaukee innovates on the toolbox by thinking of how to make transportation easier while giving customization to fit your job. Other standard tool boxes, coolers, totes, and bags, would have you carry them in one by one, wasting time and effort. The other option, risk trying to move multiple containers at once and potentially hurting yourself. With the PACKOUT System, that changes with its customizable nature, durable design, and its easy slide and lock connection.

How Much is the PACKOUT Kit?
The price range for the PACKOUT ranges from $8-$117. However, the price of your PACKOUT kit will vary depending on your configuration. If you don’t need a custom PACKOUT kit, we also offer a 3-piece Milwaukee PACKOUT starter kit for under $ 260 that makes a great gift for the tool lover in your life.

Where To Buy PACKOUT
Buy and build your PACKOUT system at Acme Tools. Use our online PACKOUT builder to configure and build your customized PACKOUT system. We have the best selection of in-stock Milwaukee PACKOUT tool storage boxes, cases, and bags. Acme Tools has the best prices on the PACKOUT and has Milwaukee PACKOUT sale items too! Build your customized PACKOUT system at Acme Tools to get the best deal on the PACKOUT. Visit Acme Tools online or visit an Acme Tools location near you today to build your PACKOUT today!