Bostitch Pneumatic Tools

BOSTITCH® pneumatic tools use compressed air and specific tips for different tasks. Some have triggers to initiate the blows. Others rely on mallets for actuation. Bostitch pneumatic power tools help you quickly fasten materials, including hardwood floors and delicate trim.

Some Bostitch pneumatic power tools have Smart Point® tips to help with precision. Their narrow noses increase visibility near impact points, so you choose exactly where to fasten your materials on every job. Some Bostitch pneumatic nailers have traditional contact triggers, which require pressure at the point of contact and on the trigger before they fire. Sequential triggers have to be lifted from their work surfaces between each blow, which gives you time to position nails and minimizes accidental discharges. Some Bostitch staplers have multi-function triggers that switch between contact and sequential firing modes. Smart Point tips have contact triggers, but they don't need compression to fire. Once you position them on your trim, you can pull the trigger to immediately fire.

Bostitch pneumatic tools come in larger sizes as well. They accept longer nails with wider diameters for floor and roof work. Many of these Bostitch tools have outward-facing exhaust ports. They expel air away from your body, so you don't feel anything blow against your hands when you pull the trigger. Many Bostitch industrial pneumatic tools have Dial-A-Depth™ knobs to adjust their power without any extra tools. Their jam-release levers don't require tools either. Just pull the lever to release jammed nails in seconds.

Different pneumatic tools have different load styles. Pneumatic floor staplers are used low to the ground so they often have top-load magazines to increase reload speeds. Other nailers and staplers tilt forward when its time to reload. No matter what types of materials you work with, you can find Bostitch pneumatic tools to help with the job.