BOSTITCH® pneumatic nailers consist of Bostitch roofing nailers, finishing and flooring nailers and framing nailers. Each line offers industry-leading psi power, nail magazine versatility and operating convenience. All models have a variety of triggering options, including contact trip, sequential firing or the option of both, with safety trigger lockouts. Most models have rear or adjustable exhaust to direct vented air from users, blowers to maintain nailing sightlines and LED worklights for poorly illuminated work sites. Bostitch pneumatic nailers for framing and finishing have adjustment guides for sinking nails at precise depths.
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The largest line of Bostitch pneumatic nailers is made up of Bostitch framing nailers. All operate with 70 to 120 psi of pressure and can sink nails into the densest materials, including engineered lumber. Bostitch pneumatic nailers for framing have bottom-loading magazines for wire, plastic and paper-collated stick nails and wire and plastic nail coils. The framing nailers sink nails at several angles, from 15 to 35 degrees. The low profile of the lightweight nailers let you nail in tight spacing.

Other pneumatic nailers include Bostitch finish nailers and brad nailers for attaching molding, trim and woodworking pieces. The finish nailers fire 15, 16 and 18-gauge nails and 23-gauge headless pins straight on or at angles, with an operating range of 70 to 120 psi. Some Bostitch pneumatic nailers for finish work have Smart Point® technology, with small noses that eliminate contact-trip compression and reduce surface marring. Most finish nailers have a flip-out gauge for 16-inch on-center nailing.

Rounding out the family are Bostitch flooring nailers and roofing nailers. All flooring nailers are mallet-activated at high speed and have extra-wide bases for stability. Roofing nailers consist of lightweight magnesium to reduce the exertion of roofing and carbide inserts in the nose pieces add to the nailer's durability. A no-nail lockout feature eliminates dry firing.

Bostitch pneumatic nailers give you the power, triggering options and fastener choices you need for any nailing job. When you need a pneumatic nailer for any fastening task, look no further than Bostitch pneumatic nailers for the ultimate in power, efficiency and convenience.
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