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BOSTITCH® hammers and mallets serve multiple purposes for both the DIYer and the professional. Designed for demolition, they are ideal tools for roofing, general contracting, framing and flooring tasks. Many are also constructive, providing oversized faces that drive nails in deeply and easily. Some mallets feature beveled faces which are useful when setting board ends and knocking pre-finished flooring into place. Each of these Bostitch hand tools boasts a variety of qualities that help ensure durability, strength and user comfort.
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Bostitch strike face hammers have faces that are 75 percent larger than typical hammers for increased accuracy. Many also come with a magnetic nail start feature which holds your nail in place for you and makes one-handed nailing simple. Each hammer is precision balanced and forged of steel, which helps ensure its durability and strength.

For user safety and comfort, many Bostitch strike face hammers use AntiVibe® technology that reduces impact shock and vibration. Torsion control stabilizers also help improve comfort by reducing fatigue. Like Bostitch wrecking and pry bars, as well as other tools from the manufacturer, these hammers have an ergonomic and secure grip. Most handles are slip-resistant as well so you can strike nails and pull fasteners more safely.

Bostitch flooring mallets are similar in size to a strike face hammer but feature soft beveled faces. These mallets work well when installing flooring and let you gently pound each pre-finished piece into place. The handles are made of jacketed graphite for durability and strength. Like Bostitch strike face hammers, they feature a rubber comfort grip that helps reduce slippage. Many also come with a bell-shaped base that prevents the tool from slipping from your hand as well.

Whether you're installing flooring or tearing out roof shingles, there are Bostitch hammers and mallets that suit your needs. Check out our selection to find hammers, Bostitch levels, cutting tools and more for your next project.
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