Bostitch Fasteners

A variety of BOSTITCH® tools enables construction professionals and DIYers to complete their work efficiently and accurately. The tools start with Bostitch measuring tapes, air compressors, air hoses and hand tools, but Bostitch is best known for its full line of pneumatic, battery and gas fuel-cell nailers and staplers.

These staplers and nailers hold hundreds of types of Bostitch fasteners for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The fasteners include Bostitch nails, staples, brads and cleats. Fasteners for industrial applications include stick, coil, C-ring, D-ring and wire staples for furniture, bedding and upholstery industries. Bostitch fasteners for residential and commercial applications include roofing, framing and finishing nails as well as flooring staples. Staples and nails come in all standard magazine packages, including straight-pin collations, coils and packs.

Bostitch nails are galvanized or stainless steel, with a variety of shank and point designs. Finish nails for delicate trim and woodworking tasks include 15-gauge angled, 16-gauge straight, 18-gauge brad and 23-gauge pin nails. Bostitch nails for framing include 15-degree coil, 21-degree plastic collated, 28-degree wire weld, concrete T and metal connector nails. Those for roofing and siding come in 15-gauge coils.

The other residential and commercial category of fasteners includes Bostitch staples for construction, finish and flooring applications. Construction staples consist of high-carbon steel, with chisel points to ensure durable, permanent fastening for house wraps, insulation and other applications. Staples for finish work are 18-gauge and series 97 fasteners with fractional crown widths and leg lengths. Those for flooring are galvanized steel with a finish coating, available in 15-1/2-, 18- and 20-gauge widths.

Bostitch fasteners cover all framing, flooring, finishing and roofing and siding applications for all residential and commercial work sites. When you need to attach structural elements securely, whether large or small, you should check out the durability and versatility of Bostitch nails and staples.