BOSCH® vacuums keep your work area or shop clean from dust and debris during any type of project. Wet and dry vacuums can do some of the clean up for all of work environments and small, medium to large-scale home and commercial projects. Whether you need to suck up materials that your standard home vacuum can't handle, or you are keeping a busy shop clean, Bosch has a wide range of products and styles to keep work areas tidy.

For woodworkers and carpenters, look for large-capacity vacuums that can pick up fine grade particles. Bosch Attachments include hoses and adapters to attach to saws and other tools to help trap dust at the source. These models come in varying sizes to suit different job requirements. For easy of use, select the smallest vacuum that has the capacity to capture all of your shop's debris. Bosch shop vacuums are categorized by trade to help you narrow down your search. For example, woodworkers need powerful dust extraction and a lot of airflow to keep the air quality high while working.

Large-capacity vacuums often include advanced filtering technology to keep the filters clear while in use. Some filtration systems clean themselves automatically at regular intervals to prevent clogging. Certain Bosch vacuums feature HEPA filters which keep irritants out of the air. Wet/dry vacuums can also clean up spills or areas that involve water in the workspace. Wet/dry vacuums can also be used to clean carpets, upholstery and fireplaces. Replacement Bosch bags are available for most vacuums.

When purchasing your shop vacuum, consider the frequency of use and the size of the job. Advanced filtration keeps microscopic debris out of the air. Check out our professional-grade Bosch vacuums, which have options for almost any construction trade or home use.