Bosch is one of the leading international manufacturers of power tools, recognized for quality engineering and design. They began in 1886 by producing automotive parts, but it wasn’t until 1932 that they developed their first power drill. In nearly 90 years since, Bosch tools continue to innovate and improve. Today, their power drills include advanced active response to eliminate the risk of kickback.

An extensive line of Bosch power tools complements any job, whether professional construction or household maintenance. Cut through concrete with hammer or rotary drills. Woodworking projects go smoother with a selection of saws, routers, sanders, grinders and planers. Multi-tools can help with different aspects of remodeling or floor installation by cutting cables, plasterboard, pipes and more. Most of these tools are also available as battery-powered models. Bosch cordless tools offer easy maneuverability around your work site without being tethered by a cord.

The beauty of buying the same brand of tools is that the batteries are interchangeable. In addition to extra batteries, a variety of Bosch power tool accessories can improve performance. Find the right bit for your router or drill and a holder to keep it in place. A table or stand can provide a stable surface to work safely. Construction projects and repairs require pinpoint accuracy, and being off by an inch could offset the whole production. Bosch measuring and layout tools ensure accuracy, whether with a simple angle finder or a laser measure to level out an entire room.

Whether cutting, grinding, sanding or chiseling, most tools spray dust. Bosch dust management products safeguard the user’s respiratory health. Solution attachments hook directly onto tools to catch debris before it is thrown, while a vacuum can clean up the aftermath. When considering a brand that will allow you to work with ease and comfort, look no further than Bosch tools and their commitment to engineering excellence.