Bosch saws are engineered to maximize safety and productivity. These tools are powerful, accurate, durable and intuitive to use. They have ergonomic designs that decrease fatigue from extended use. Bosch produces a variety of saws to meet the specific needs of construction professionals, homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Their range of products includes table saws, chop saws and miter saws. Bosch saw accessories increase working efficiency for woodworkers and construction professionals.
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Miter saws cut heavy materials like framing lumber with exacting precision. Bring the saw into alignment quickly with any level surface using Bosch's innovative Squarelock™ technology. With stops at frequently used angles, these saws increase job site efficiency by reducing the need for repeated measurements. The Axial-Glide™ system minimizes workshop space required for a miter saw. Bosch miter saws are designed with ergonomic and ambidextrous grips making them solid professional equipment.

Bosch table saws provide heavyweight cutting power for professional contracting job sites. The Smart Guard System safeguards against kickback. Gravity-Rise™ Wheeled Table Stands make Bosch table saws easy to transport and prepare for use. The SquareLock™ rip fence self-alignment system helps to create accurate cuts consistently.

Chop saws deliver heavyweight cutting power in stable compact packages. Service Minder™ brushes make upkeep easy by stopping tool operation when it's time for maintenance. Reversible handles provide increased flexibility of use. Large footplates on Bosch chop saws increase tool stability and help create deep clean cuts. These saws are designed to ensure that sparks and dust move away from the user during operation.

Whether you're an experienced woodworker, construction professional or getting ready to embark on your first big DIY project, having the right tools is an important part of the job. Determine what your needs are and then take a look at what Bosch has to offer.
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