Bosch Sanding, Grinding & Polishing Accessories

Bosch sanding accessories, safety gear, grinding wheels and polishing pads enhance your power tools performance. They include sanding pads and belts that fit orbital, belt and detail sanders, grinding and cut-off wheels and buffing pads that shape and polish metal, and wheel guards and dust removal accessories that help create a safe work environment. Many Bosch polishing accessories and sanding pads come in standard sizes that fit a variety of power tools.
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Many projects involve removing old finishes or preparing surfaces for paints or stains, and Bosch sanding accessories speed up these time-consuming tasks. Belts and pads have durable aluminum oxide abrasives that remove material quickly and come in a variety of grits that can take on any surface-finishing job. Some Bosch sanding accessories for detail work have punched surfaces that enhance dust removal, and Bosch sanding belts feature butt-splice construction, so they run smoothly in either direction.

Tackle a broad range of metal-working tasks with Bosch grinding accessories. Cutting and grinding wheels have bodies made from multiple layers of tough fiberglass, which creates a strong and stable backing for the aluminum oxide grains that form the cutting surface. Use cutting wheels to slice or shape high-tensile strength metals or prepare surfaces for welding with grinding wheels. Once the rough work is complete, Bosch polishing accessories buff away minor imperfections and prepare metal surfaces for painting.

Power tool accessories from Bosch also help improve job site safety and tool reliability. Wheel guards reduce sparks and protect workers from flying debris, and dust collectors create a clean work environment. Replacement backings and fasteners secure Bosch sanding discs, pads and wheels in place, ensuring proper tool operation.

Bosch sanding accessories, grinding wheels, polishing pads and safety equipment handle a broad range of everyday construction tasks and come in sizes that fit many power tools. Explore our selection of Bosch power tool accessories and find the abrasive wheels, sanding pads and safety equipment you need for your next project.
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