Bosch Routers

About Bosch Routers
BOSCH routers cater to all users from the DIY enthusiast to the seasoned professional. Most models feature Constant Response™ circuitry that maintains constant speed when the router is under load. Precision centering and always-on LED lights aid with keeping the bit on the outline to be cut. Variable speeds allow the speed of the bit to match with the material being cut. Some routers feature a soft-start function that reduces the initial torque load when switching on.

Types of Routers from Bosch
When using Bosch fixed base routers, the cutter cannot pass the depth you've set, eliminating the chance of accidentally starting a cut on the plunge setting. Your hands are closer to the workpiece, giving you greater control over the movement of the router, especially when aided by the precision centering system and your own cutting guides and templates. The bases have either three or four holes in them for easy mounting.

Generally more versatile than fixed base models, Bosch plunge routers are well suited to intricate, detailed work. All have micro-fine adjustment for accurate depth setting and the facility to plunge past the originally set depth. Plunge depths can be altered to suit the requirements of the job, from inches for roughing work to fractions of an inch for intricate detailed work. Some modern jigs for generating features such as dovetails, mortises and tenons will only work with a plunge router. Most models can be attached to a router table. If you need both types of router, there are Bosch router kits that include a combination router with interchangeable fixed base and plunge base.

Why Buy Bosch Routers?
Bosch routers are just one section from our range of Bosch power tools. Most come with a limited one-year warranty. Take a look at our selection of Bosch routers to find the one that meets your requirements. At Acme Tools, we have a vast collection of router bits & accessories, and other useful Bosch tools for all your woodworking needs.