Bosch Router Bits & Accessories

About Bosch Router Bits & Accessories
BOSCH® router bits come in a variety of profiles with different shank sizes and cutting edges. Cut through wood or plastic materials, whether you prefer tools that minimize kickback or thick carbide cutters that let you regrind them several times throughout their lifespan.

Types of Router Bits & Accessories from Bosch
Choosing the right type of bit for your project depends first on what kind of cut you need. Straight bits make straight cuts, forming grooves across the grain in the wood. Rabbeting bits, on the other hand, cut a shoulder in your workpiece's edge so that two pieces join together easily. Flush-trim bits prune the edges of your material to bring it flush with the edge of another piece. Other types of Bosch router bits include chamfer bits, edge-forming bits and drawer-lock bits.

When you purchase a router, you'll often find that it comes with 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch collets. These let you use router bit shanks of the same size with the machine. For added versatility, some routers feature compatibility with Bosch power tool accessories like collet router attachments. These attachments usually have a 3/8-inch collet, which lets you use the same size Bosch bits for your project.

Many Bosch router accessories feature a solid carbide or carbide-tip design that helps extend their lifespan and makes them durable. Hardened steel shanks also increase the sturdiness of these bits. For improved edge retention and sharpness, Bosch grinds some tips on specialized CNC equipment.

If you're looking to beef up your toolkit without replacing your entire shop full of tools, look for accessories like Bosch templates and collets. These systems can come with adapters. This means they work with Bosch router accessories and bits and also with accessories from other brands.

Get the most out of your router with the right bits for both plastic and woodworking projects. Choose from individuals bits or convenient sets to complement your router.

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