Bosch router bits provide construction professionals and serious woodworking hobbyists with the equipment needed to complete exacting and challenging cuts. Bosch makes a number of router bits, including ones suitable for working with plastic, wood, and other construction materials. These router bits and accessories come in an array of shank sizes, profiles and cutting edges. Bosch individual router bits include straight bits, rabbeting bits, flush-trim bits, chamfer bits and edge-forming bits.
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Bosch router bits have hardened steel shanks for increased toughness and durability. They are constructed from solid carbide or produced with heavy-duty carbide tips to ensure durability and extended lifespans. Precision-ground carbide tips create more precise edges and accomplished finishes. Innovative control cut technology minimizes jarring kickback.

Straight bits create straight cuts hollowing out channels across the wood grain. Rabbeting bits cut shoulders so you can easily join two pieces of wood together. Flush-trim bits shape materials like plastic laminate or wood veneer to create an even profile with an underlying surface. Flush-trim bits are essentially straight cutting bits with a pilot. Chamfer bits cut angles on surface edges and edge-forming bits are primarily used in decorative applications. Dovetail bits are essential in cabinetry and joinery work.

Double flute designs in straight bits create more attractive finishes in harder materials. The smooth radius edges of Bosch's edge-forming bits create cuts that require minimal sanding. Bosch's double flute trim bits deliver smoother cuts.

Router bits are an intelligent way to bring variety and professionalism to your jobsite or workbench. Bosch router accessories add even more versatility to how you can use a router. Colettes, templates, and bushings increase technical range and creativity possibilities. Bosch router bits and accessories are high-quality tools designed specifically for construction professionals and woodworkers. Take a look at what we have to offer and see if there's something that meets your needs.
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