Bosch Measuring & Layout Tools

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BOSCH™ measuring and layout tools provide accuracy for all of your important construction and repair projects. Whether you're hanging drywall or pouring a concrete foundation, laser tools provide exact measurements and consistency. The precision and convenience of Bosch lasers accounts for their increasing popularity over manual tools.

Bosch offers several different types of laser measuring tools that provide finer calculations than a tape measurer. A Bosch distance measurer uses updated technology to provide accuracy within 1/16 of an inch. Some laser measures even have Bluetooth® wireless technology connectivity and send measurements automatically to Bosch's free mobile app for further calculations and project management.

Other Bosch laser accessories, such as tripods and wall mounts provide a stable surface to guarantee precision. Tripods are compatible with all Bosch laser measures and line lasers, and have adjustable heights for various types of projects. Bosch multi-scanners can detect not only metal studs, but also cabling, pipes and electrical work in an existing structure. Their thru-wall scanning ability helps protect damaging sensitive materials while drilling.

Bosch lasers and transit levels can provide multi-directional accuracy for complex projects, especially for plumbing, foundation and framing jobs. If you are concerned about security on the jobsite, look for Bosch lasers that include theft deterrence alarms. Bosch digital levels and angle finders define precise miters for anything that requires acute angles, like woodworking and pipefitting. If you are working in an area with high ceilings, look for a pole system or telescoping rod that can conveniently extend your reach up to 16 feet.

Bosch measuring and layout tools are useful for both the construction professional as well as the home project enthusiast. Whether you are hanging a mirror at home, or pouring a concrete foundation, you want your work to be precise. Look at our selection of Bosch lasers, accessories and other tools to grab the items you need most.