About Bosch Drills
BOSCH® drills let you make holes for fasteners, wire or other applications. They feature powerful motors that are ideal for use on hard materials, whenever you need the job done quickly.

Bosch hammerdrills are ideal for demolition and construction work. Their powerful models utilize SDS-Max™ design to more efficiently transfer power directly to the chisel, as well as to allow for faster bit changes. These power hammerdrills feature rotating side handles that let you put your weight behind the tools and work from a comfortable angle. Depth gauges let you preset how far you want to drill for faster and more consistent results.

Why Buy Bosch Drills
Bosch power drill/drivers are ideal for both creating holes and installing fasteners. Variable-speed reversing motors let you remove screws easily, without jamming. Keyed chucks tighten down securely to keep your bit straight and safely in the tool. Drywall drivers are ideal for work on delicate surfaces. They have special Posi-Lock™ nose designs that help keep screws flush with the wall and avoid driving too deep. Drywall drivers with auto-feed systems let you work at fast production speeds without having to stop and readjust for every task.

These high-quality drills have ergonomic handles to prevent strain in your hands and wrists. They're lightweight so you can use them for long periods without suffering user fatigue. Their high-Amp motors generate incredible RPM and torque to power through the work at hand effortlessly. Rugged exteriors and gear casings keep the equipment in proper order for a long time.

Bosch manufactures tools that help you get your job done on time and with outstanding results. Their power tools benefit from optional ProVantage extended warranty coverage to better protect your investment. Browse our large selection of Bosch power tool accessories and Bosch drills and find the model you need for your next concrete and woodworking project.