Bosch cordless saws have powerful 12 to 36V lithium-ion batteries and efficient designs, a combination that delivers long-lasting cutting performance. Bosch makes saws that tackle a broad range of construction and demolition tasks. Cut studs and joists with Bosch cordless circular saws, use Bosch cordless band saws to handle cutting jobs in hard-to-reach locations, or make intricate cuts with Bosch jig saws. Bosch cordless equipment includes kits, which come with chargers and batteries, as well as bare tools you can use with your existing power accessories.

Circular saws take on the toughest cutting jobs, and Bosch cordless circular saws have motors that produce up to 4,000 rpm, cutting thick wood or metal materials quickly. They make cuts up to 2 inches deep, and have metal base plates that provide sturdy support for the saw while you work. Bosch cordless circular saws make bevel cuts at angles of up to 50 degrees. They also have anti-snag blade guards and motor brakes that quickly stop the blade when you release the trigger, features that enhance worker safety.

Some cutting jobs need a narrow blade and precise control. For those jobs, Bosch cordless jig saws and reciprocating saws combine excellent cutting performance with compact and lightweight designs that are maneuverable and fit into tight spaces. Features like built-in dust blowers and open toe plates ensure you can see your cutting lines. Like most Bosch cordless saws, they have soft handles that reduce hand fatigue and provide increased control over the blade. Some Bosch cordless reciprocating saws and jig saws also feature integrated LED lights that illuminate your work area for added safety and cutting accuracy.

Bosch cordless saws deliver excellent cutting performance and include products that handle a broad range of cutting jobs. They also come with a 1-year limited warranty. Find the cutting tool you need for your next construction or renovation project when you explore our selection of Bosch saws and accessories.