Bosch Cordless Drills

Choose Bosch Cordless Drills for convenience and flexibility. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, cordless drills can be used anywhere. The range is naturally divided into three categories: lightweight drilling machines, impact drivers and cordless hammer drills.

Most cordless drills have multi-position clutches that allow them to be used as drivers for inserting screws. Two-speed gearboxes are common, and they provide high torque and low speed for driving and high-speed for drilling. The range also includes several cordless drivers primarily designed for securing screw fasteners. Lightweight cordless drills are intended for light-duty drilling into wood and metal, with chucks that accommodate drill bits up to 1/2 inch.

For heavy-duty drilling applications, it's best to select a cordless hammer drill. These machines have a rotary hammer that creates a pulsed hammering action that eases drilling into masonry and concrete. Because drilling into concrete requires a lot of power, you should consider more powerful units and use large capacity batteries to ensure that you have enough power. Bosch cordless hammer drills are more powerful than standard cordless drills and, depending on the model, can accommodate up to 3/4-inch drill bits. Some models use a quick-release SDS-plus® chuck designed for slotted drill bits that provide better control when drilling into masonry and concrete. Cordless hammer drills are powerful enough to drill into steel, concrete and masonry and are as capable as most corded drills.

Choose 12-Volt Bosch cordless drills for light duty applications where weight is more important than power. For heavy-duty applications such as drilling into steel, masonry and concrete, select either 18-volt and 36-volt drills, which have more power and greater drilling capability. If you already own a Bosch cordless tool, choose a drill that uses the same voltage battery for compatibility. Bosch cordless drills offer freedom and convenience, and there's one to suit every application.