About Bosch Blades
Bosch blades provide construction professionals, woodworkers, and DIYers with high-quality and dependable blades that rip and cut with power and precision. Bosch makes a number of high-quality and durable blades that meet a variety of needs. Cutter, jigsaw, planer, joiner, circular, reciprocating and band saw blades are all available.

Types of Blades from Bosch
Bosch jigsaw blades reliably cut wood, plywood, plastic, metal and other difficult materials. You can use Bosch jigsaw blades with most saw makes and models. Extra-hard carbide teeth increase blade durability. Bosch jigsaw blades are available in models optimized for cutting metal, wood, solid kitchen and bath surface materials, PVC, vinyl, laminate flooring and plexiglass.

Cutter blades add versatility to jobsites when used with oscillating multi-tools. Blades with OSC314TC titanium last up to 30 percent longer than standard blades. Plunge blades quickly create vents in hardwood flooring. Innovative Starlock® technology in Bosch cutter blades delivers maximum torque with a minimum of vibration. This technology improves multi-tool performance by allowing for a more precise blade fit. Panel blades create straight precise cuts in drywall, laminates and plywood. Premium carbide grit coating extends life in blades used with grout and tile.

Bosch band saw blades rip lumber and cut metal with precision. The heat-reducing design increases blade durability. Their tooth geometry delivers power and maneuverability. Bosch makes stationary metal cutting and stationary general purpose band saw blades. These aggressive and dependable Bosch band saw blades come in different lengths from 64 1/2 to 93 1/2 inches. Bosch also makes 80-inch heavy-duty stationary and 93 1/2-inch stationary scroll cutting band saw blades.

Whether you're a construction professional, a woodworking enthusiast, or a first-time DIYer, having the right tools is critical for getting the job done right. Determine what your needs are, and then take a look at the Bosch blades we have to offer.

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