Bosch Bench & Stationary Machinery

About Bosch Bench & Stationary Machinery
Bosch bench machinery and stationary tools take on challenging construction tasks and complement the capabilities of Bosch cordless tools and handheld equipment. They include saws that cut a broad range of materials, router tables that shape edges and create cabinetry joints and cutoff machines that slice through metal and plastic. Most products feature built-in vacuum ports that help create a cleaner, safer work environment. Bosch stationary machinery and bench-mounted power tools come with a 1-year warranty.

Types of Bench & Stationary Machinery from Bosch
Cutting trim, studs and joists are common construction tasks, and you can ensure each cut is accurate with Bosch saws. Many models feature the Axial-Glide™ system, which provides complete control over the blade's height and angle. It also increases saw capacity, so you can cut large pieces in a single pass. Handles that accommodate left- and right-handed users, padded grips, easy-to-read scales and front-mounted controls simplify the cutting process and improve worker efficiency. Some Bosch saws include wheeled stands, making it easy to move them from place to place.

Mounting your router in a Bosch router table extends its capabilities. A rigid aluminum mounting plate holds your router in place securely and has pre-drilled holes that fit a broad range of tools. Tables have tall aluminum/MDF fences that offer plenty of support for large pieces. Adjustable featherboards guide your work past the cutting bit and enhance safety by eliminating kickback. Bosch router tables also have large metal tops that stand up to harsh job site conditions.

Metal and plastic materials present unique cutting challenges. Bosch bench machinery includes cutoff saws with abrasive blades easily handle these hard materials. High-amperage motors deliver plenty of power via durable helical steel gears, and ball- and roller-bearing motor components ensure reliable operation. Locking vises secure your material while you work, enhancing safety.

Why Buy Bosch Bench & Stationary Machinery?
Bosch stationary machinery combines superior performance and cutting accuracy with convenience features. Explore our selection of Bosch power tools and find the equipment you need for your next woodworking and construction project.

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