Bosch Batteries

About Bosch Batteries
Battery-powered tools combine convenience and portability and eliminate dependence on extension cords, which can create trip hazards. Bosch batteries deliver the power you need to keep your equipment running throughout the workday. These products come in a variety of voltages that handle different power requirements, and some kits include chargers that recharge batteries in as little as 60 minutes. Cordless tools have different power demands depending on the job they perform. Pair compact Bosch 12V batteries with lightweight drivers or efficient LED work lights, or use 24 to 36V batteries to keep high-demand hammer drills or circular saws running. Bosch 18V batteries are compatible with a broad range of tools and combine lightweight designs with excellent output capabilities. They deliver up to 1,440 watts and 6.0 Amp-hours of power.

Types of Batteries from Bosch
Most Bosch batteries have advanced features that extend their run times. CoolPack technology dissipates power-draining heat quickly, and built-in electronics match output voltages to tool demands and reduce recharge times. Many Bosch batteries have charge indicators that make it easy to see when the unit is running out of power, so workers can manage battery use efficiently.

Rechargeable power technology changes quickly, and Bosch 18V batteries offer the latest advances in form factors that are backward compatible with most Bosch cordless tools. The lithium-ion cells used in Bosch batteries deliver more power, weigh less and have a smaller physical footprint than other types of cells. They also withstand the harsh conditions found on many job sites, providing reliable power delivery at temperatures as low as 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Buy Bosch Batteries?
Bosch batteries are an efficient power solution for all types of cordless power tools. They come in multiple voltage ratings and have advanced features that reduce charge times and improve battery life. Explore our selection of Bosch tools and accessories and find the right power source for your battery-powered equipment like cordless saws, drills, grinders, planers, impact wrenches, cordless combo kits, and more.

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