Bessey Strap Clamps

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About Bessey Strap Clamps
Strap clamps are a specialized clamping tool for laying floors. While it’s not a tool specific to woodworking, many professionals and hobbyists find the tools useful for installing lashing straps and flooring materials.

Plus, Bessey devices also span workpiece clamps like pipe clamps and bar clamps. The company’s hand tools and vises help round out any professional woodworker or workshop to finish every job the right way.

Flooring and clamping systems help lay laminate, panel, and parquet flooring. Bessey’s strap clamps apply clamping pressure to facilitate flooring and lashing strap installation. Like the company’s other products, its strap clamps are durable and high quality.

Types of Strap Clamps from Bessey
Bessey strap clamps deliver substantial clamping pressure and offer long strap lengths. For example, the SVH 400XL Flooring Strap Clamp features a 300-inch strap and delivers a clamping force of 220 pounds. The spacer and band both feature high-strength polyester material, which resists wear.

Like many other Bessey tools, strap clamps are multi-purpose, too. Just remove the retaining strips and use the flooring strap clamp as a lashing strap.

Other related products include variable angle strap clamps, corner clips, pipe clamps, band clamps, angle clamps, and a host of woodworking tools with a high tensile strength that may support consumers’ flooring installation projects as well.

Bessey strap clamps are also highly durable. The SVH 400XL is tear-proof up to 220 pounds. Plus, Bessey offers replacement parts and accessories for many of its products, ensuring consumers can always find what they need if something goes wrong.

Why Buy Bessey Strap Clamps?
Bessey strap clamps are an excellent buy because of the manufacturer’s strong reputation and great for every woodworking wish list. Not only does Bessey back its products with comprehensive warranty coverage, but the brand also helps customers who need replacement parts or repairs.

As an industry leader in woodworking, hand tools, home improvement, and power tools and equipment, Bessey always focuses on customer service and exceeding client expectations.