About Bessey Clamps
A range of Bessey clamps helps outfit woodworkers and machine shops with the right tool for the job. Various clamp types hold items in place (or on the workbench) for gluing or drilling without causing damage to finished surfaces or delicate workpieces.

Plus, Bessey woodworking clamps are durable, tough, and come with warranty protection. Categories range from light-duty to heavy-duty clamps in varying throat depths and different sizes, and replacement parts are also available from Bessey tools.

Types of Clamps from Bessey
Bessey clamps provide the right tool for every job with selections like parallel clamps, bar clamps, light-duty clamp sets, pipe clamps, C-clamps, strap clamps, spring clamps, angle clamps, and toggle clamps.

Bessey parallel clamps are ideal for woodworking thanks to their durable steel bars, heavy-duty construction, and exceptional clamping strength. Sizing varies widely to accommodate all types of materials and thicknesses between the parallel jaws, and these vises are ideal for woodworking applications.

When it comes to angle clamps, Bessey tools deliver precision and reliability. Pivoting jaw style clamps adjust to materials of different thicknesses, while easy adjustment makes every right angle project a breeze. Bessey even offers flooring strap clamps for every flooring project need. High-strength polyester and a tear-proof, quick release design ensure anyone can install lashing straps and lay products like parquet, panel, and laminated flooring.

Why Buy Bessey Clamps?
Bessey clamps provide value and durability for the lifetime of the product. With their industry-leading warranty coverage, Bessey is quick to handle any problem that arises from the normal use of their products.

Whether the materials become defective or a tool malfunctions, Bessey is happy to help consumers resolve the issue by repairing, refunding, or replacing defective items. Of course, since affordability is a key highlight of the brand, purchasing a selection of replacement parts or an entire kit of hand tools is more accessible than ever.