About Bessey Tools
For over 130 years, Bessey has remained an industry leader in hand tools. Originally a German company, they expanded into North America in 2003 while maintaining the high quality the company built its reputation on.

Bessey Tools combine state-of-the-art design with an old-fashioned commitment to quality and customer service. Their tools are well-made, comfortable to hold, and safe to use.

Bessey focuses mainly on tools for woodworking, upholstery care, and metalworking. Their signature tools include a variety of clamps, utility knives, and snips. While all of their tools have an excellent reputation for quality, they're especially well-known for their clamps.

Getting your project done quickly and efficiently is just as important as getting it done right. With Bessey hand tools, you can get the helping hand you need. These clamps, utility knives, and snips help you as you take care of each step of your project.

Clamping Tools
Clamps are the main and most popular product made by Bessey. They're industry leaders in clamping tool innovation. They offer a wide variety of clamps for woodworking, plumbing, construction, and more.

Use their clamps for practically any size and type of woodworking project. Woodworking projects require precision clamping, especially as the wood glue dries or while you are making pigeon-toe holes for bolts.

Clamps hold components together securely while you work. Use their angle clamps to stabilize right angles and bar clamps to press boards tightly together. Together, these clamps help to fine-tune your projects.

When working with softwood or any other material that could potentially scratch or scuff, use strap clamps and rubber-strap clamp pads to avoid damage. They ensure that even materials that are likely to scratch or scuff stay in tip-top shape. Putting together chests or other squared items is a breeze when you pair the strap clamp with the strap clamp pads to secure the corners.

Aside from woodworking, Bessey also offers a full line of pipe clamps. They help when connecting free-standing pipes. Bessey pipe clamps have a raised base to spare your knuckles from injury and irritation when working.

C-Clamps are their flagship clamp. Types of C-clamps included edge, double-headed, heavy service, and other options. As one of the most common types of clamps, C-clamps hold a considerable range of components in carpentry, automotive, welding, and more.

Clamp Pads
You rarely want to use clamps on their own. Instead, clamp pads are a valuable accessory you'll want to have on hand when using any clamp.

Clamp pads are soft and durable pads typically made from plastic. They prevent clamps from slipping or marking.

Unfortunately, clamps can potentially damage any material, including wood, metal, and plastic. It's a risk due to the nature and structure of a clamp. Think about it. Clamps apply robust and direct pressure. Even slight over tightening can result in scratches, indentations, or other damage.

Clamp pads act as a cushion. When you don't have to worry about damaging the material, you can tighten the clamp securely.

As you might expect, the expertise from Bessey Tools isn't limited to clamps. They also make top-of-the-line clamp pads, too. They have rail protector pieces, corner clamp pads, nylon vise jaws, and more. Each is made from durable, high-quality materials specifically designed to fit Bessey clamps.

Additionally, you can find parallel clamp extenders. They're a fast and simple way to extend the reach of any Bessey K-Body clamps. If you find that your clamps aren't large enough to grip whatever you're working on, clamp extenders provide a helpful stretch.

Clamp pads don't just protect material. They also help you complete projects quickly and easily. You'll want clamp pads when assembling cabinets and other large projects. Putting together chests or other squared items is a breeze when you pair the strap clamp with the strap clamp pads to secure the corners.

Utility Knives
Utility knives make getting a precision cut simple. With the folding head on the utility knife, you ensure safety for yourself and any apprentice you have at the job site.

Bessey has a variety of folding and locking knives, including ones with wooden handles, extra blades, and more. If you want an all-in-one option, they have a utility knife set with ten blades and a zippered nylon case.

Utility knives are one of the most versatile types of tools. Compact and portable, they're a must-have for tool belts and tool kits. They're used in carpentry, construction, and a wide range of professional and home repair projects.

One of their flagship knives is their Folding Utility Knife with Wood Inlay Handle. It has an ergonomic ABS handle with classic wood styling. The knife accepts all standard utility blades and folds down for safe and easy portability.

Even better, it's a one-handed knife. You can safely open and close it with just your finger and thumb. One-handed operation is vital when you're working in an awkward position, such as working underneath a sink.

For people who are working with upholstery or tin, Bessey snips make getting a precision cut simple. Also known as shears, snips cut through cut any thin material from sheet metal to canvas.

Bessey offers a full line of snips, including multiple types of aviation snips. They're capable of exerting extra force than traditional tin snips. Originally created for aircraft maintenance, today you'll find aviation snips used in a wide range of applications. They're ideal for cutting complex shapes and working with thick materials.

Additionally, they offer traditional tin snips with comfortable and ergonomic SuperGrip handles. You can also find sets of snips with an included carrying pouch.

If you want a general-purpose option for your home workbench, Bessey's multipurpose snip is a popular option. Instead of specializing in cutting metal, fabric, or paper, the multipurpose snip handles all three with ease.

It has stainless steel blades with a comfortable handle and thumb-operated locking mechanism. They're the best all-in-one choice for a DIYer who doesn't always know what the next home repair project will require.

However, if you're looking for more specialized snips, Bessey also offers a variety of snips specifically for sheet metal, canvas, nylon, rubber, and other materials. Note that you'll get the best results with specialized snips, but a general-purpose pair is often an efficient and economical alternative.

Metal Working Supplies
Although they started as primarily a clamp manufacturer, Bessey Tools' expertise in metalworking led them to expand into metalworking supplies. Today, they have a full line of equipment for metalworking, including Welder's Magnetic Setup Squares, Torque multipliers, and Magnetic Pickup tools.

Aside from tools, they also have lab metals and solvents. They're mainly used for patching and repairs. Liquid metal is available in 12 and 14-ounce sizes, while solvents are available in 128 and 16 fluid ounce cans.

Bench Vise
If you have a workbench at home, you'll want to add a bench vise to it. Bessey has a wide range of bench vises to choose from, ranging in size from 2-3/4 inches to 6 inches. All of their bench vises have solid steel construction with drop forged movable jaws, reliable locking mechanisms, and easy-to-use sliding guides.

Bench vises have a wide range of uses in carpentry, metalworking, and general construction. They can hold practically anything in place securely to act as another pair of hands. Also, they're useful when you need to loosen any stubborn fasteners.

While multipurpose vises are the most versatile, specialty vises offer more precision for targeted tasks. Check out Bessey's woodworking vises, drill presses, and vacuum base vises.

If you want an easy and secure way to secure the vise to your table, choose one with a vacuum. The rubber base creates a vacuum seal that firmly attaches to practically any flat surface.

Bearing Heaters
Bearing heaters help prepare bearings for easy installation. They use heat to expand the bearings radially. Plus, they remove any contamination commonly caused by an oil bath.

Bessey offers a full line of bearing heaters with magnetic induction. From relatively simple crossbars to the top-of-the-line induction bearing heaters up to 22 inches, they have options for every need and budget.

Their Induction Bearing Heater is a premium product used to extend the life of bearings, sprockets, gears, couplings, and sleeves. Although it's one of their pricier options, you can save money in the long run because the equipment you install will remain in excellent working condition for a long time.

Improper installation reduces bearing life by half, so spending a bit more upfront to condition the bearings before installation is often the cost-effective solution.

Specialty Project Tools
Bessey excels at creating specialty tools. What are specialty tools? While they're not the most versatile option, they perform unique functions that other tools cannot.

Specialty projects might require hand tools that are a little more specialized. For example, floor strap clamps are ideal for putting in hardwood flooring, while Bessey utility knives make cutting underlayment easy.

Why Buy Bessey Tools?
Bessey has remained an industry leader for over 130 years because they remain committed to never resting on their past successes. Their company motto is, "To stop improving is to stop being good," and they mean it.

At first glance, a company primarily devoted to making clamps seems like a company that doesn't need to innovate. After all, clamps haven't changed in a major way over the years. How much innovation is required?

Fortunately for customers, Bessey is committed to refinement and quality. For example, they remain focused on improving the ergonomics of every clamp to improve your ability to manipulate it. You might not see the difference between a Bessey clamp and one from another brand – but you'll feel it in your hands and wrists! Additionally, Bessey doesn't just make tools. They forge relationships. Even though they're a multinational corporation, they're committed to personal customer service.

All C-clamps, snips, bearing heaters, and many other products are covered by a Limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If any problems not related to normal operation develop within a year of purchase, you can return the product for a refund, repair, or replacement.

The right tools make it easy to get your project done right the first time. From clamps and pads to utility knives and snips, Bessey tools can help you finish your project with ease.