Getting your project done as quickly and easily is just as important as getting it done right. With Bessey hand tools, you can get the helping hand you need. These clamps, utility knives and snips help you as you take care of each step of your project.
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Woodworking projects require precision clamping, especially as the wood glue dries or while you are making pigeon-toe holes for bolts. Bessey clamps offer you the stability you need to hold the wooden components of any project still. Angle clamps to stabilize right angles and bar clamps to keep boards pressed tightly together make fine-tuning your project easier. Strap clamps and rubber-strap clamp pads ensure that even materials that are likely to scratch or scuff stay in tip-top shape. Putting together chests or other squared items is a breeze when you pair the strap clamp with the strap clamp pads to secure the corners.

For people who are working with upholstery or tin, Bessey snips and utility knives make getting a precision cut simple. With the folding head on the utility knife, you ensure safety for yourself and any apprentice you have at the job site. Aviation snips and angled snips make it easy for you to cut any thin material from sheet metal to canvas.

Specialty projects might require hand tools that are a little more specialized. Floor strap clamps are ideal for putting in hardwood flooring while Bessey utility knives make cutting underlayment easy. Pipe clamps make joining freestanding pipes simple. These pipe clamps feature a raised base to ensure you don't skin your knuckles as you work.

The right tools make it easy to get your project done right the first time. From clamps and pads to utility knives and snips, Bessey tools can help you finish your project with ease.
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