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Top Ten Essential Grilling Tools to Improve your BBQ!

How do you improve your grilling? With practice and better tools for the job. Like any skill, trade, or career, you can’t do your best without the proper tools. Here are the Ten Essential Grilling Tools that will improve your grilling game.

Nothing says summer than going out and grilling in your backyard or patio. But no matter what your level of grilling is, you are going to need more than just a spatula to get cooking. At Acme Tools we want you to Do Your Best Work, and that also includes when you’re cooking. To help you expand your cooking horizon here are 10 Essential Grilling Tools.

1. Cutting Board

You might not think this is necessary to have this around your grill but you’ll be better off having a wooden one compared to a plate by your side. With this little block, you can hold food waiting to throw on the grill, prep food, and cut meats for serving portions.

2. Tongs

For bigger and sturdier foods, like corn or roasts, you need this handy appliance for management. Tongs allow you to quickly move otherwise bulky items on your grill as well add anything on without having your hands coming into straight contact with the heat.

3. Cast Iron Pan

An essential if you are cooking anything that you do not want falling through the grates of the grill. This tool allows you to make things like eggs, veggie medleys, or anything else you can think of that still needs a pan but still needs that grill flavor.

4. Heavy Duty Spatula

Now, this is one tool you will benefit with multiples of at your grill. Heavy Duty Spatulas are not the typical plastic ones that you use inside in the kitchen. These types of instruments are meant to handle the scrapping between the grates and metal surfaces. The spatulas also made to withstand the high heat you will experience while cooking your foods.

5. Baster

A baster allows you add your favorite sauce where you need it and the baster work well with racks or for the finishing touches of your grilling experience and can increase flavor.

6. Steel Fork

In tandem with tongs and spatulas, steel forks are an absolute must for grilling and prepping food. The capability to skewer any item on the grill makes it easy picking up and moving on the grill. It also enables you to check for tenderness by how resistant it is to poking.

7. Digital Thermometer

If being by the numbers is more your style of cooking; then a digital thermometer is one item you can’t pass up on in your grilling tools. With a digital thermometer, you get the accuracy to the tenth, if not hundredth of a degree. If you like your Steaks to be 145° F you no longer have to guess your temperature.

8. Gloves

An unexpected entry in the list but for those who love to be hands-on with their food there is no better option than a pair of heat resistant gloves. These gloves are not like the black ones you see pit masters use; those are items meant for handling post cooking and serving. These gloves are for handling the food to either move on the grill or remove altogether. Comes in handy when something is too heavy for the spatula, too large for the tongs, and too thick for a fork.

9. Knives

Having a specific set of knives set aside for grilling may sound up surd, but carving knives and other specialty tools make serving and checking your foods easier compared to having a single knife which could ruin the meat.

10. Apron

Nothing says grill master than an apron. While not at all needed, it’s that final touch you need to say I can cook. Also, it does serve function while cooking as it protects you from the direct heat from the grill, splatter from any juices, and pockets to hold any of your favorite cooking tools.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to grilling, you need the best tools to get your job done. But that goes far beyond the grill itself. The proper tools in cooking are the same as needing the proper tools when you’re building a deck, renovating a room, or working on the jobsite. Sure, you can get something that will get it done, but having the tools that are made to do this job cut down on a lot of work and stress.

Grilling should be a relaxing thing to do during the summer, not something that can add to the stress. Then why not get the tools that will make it effortless to cook and make you seem like a master chief.

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