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Milwaukee Introduces the new STUD Tape Measure, the new Wide Blade Tape Measure, and the new Compact Wide Blade Tape Measure

New Milwaukee STUD Tape Measures

Milwaukee recently announced the release of the redesigned STUD™ Tape Measures, the new Wide Blade Tape Measures, and the new Compact Tape Measures. “In 2012, Milwaukee brought innovation to tape measures with key user-specific features…With each new tape measure, we’ve worked with users to understand their frustrations and maintained our focus on incorporating game-changing innovations. Read More »

Getting a Tape Measure that can Measure Up.

You dropped your tape measure, and it broke. Now you need to get a new one? But this small accessory to your toolbox and work belt needs to fit your needs. That can change from person to person. Do you need something that has a long standout? Does your tape need to have the measurements Read More »