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Modern Kitchen that was recently remodeled using Acme Tools Infographic as a guide.

Kitchen Remodel Cost and Tips

It can be overwhelming to take on a kitchen remodel. Costs, time, and effort all have to be taken into consideration. That’s why we put together this infographic that helps you get a handle on some of the basics. The infographic is broken down into four different sections. First, it goes over the average kitchen Read More »

hitachi cordless framing nail gun nr1890dr nr1890dc feature image axe cutting log

Hitachi NR1890DC and NR1890DR Cordless Framing Nailers Review

Hitachi Power Tools Cuts the Cord Hose with its new series of cordless framing nailers. Get more done with less and experience total fastening freedom from Hitachi by losing the dirty hose, the noisy compressor and expensive gas cartridges. These cordless framing nailers utilize Hitachi’s unique Air Spring Drive System that uses sealed compressed air to drive Read More »

Southwire Makes Pulling and Fishing Wire Easy

You never know when you may need to modify the electrical wiring in your home or commercial property. Installing new outlets and putting in new light fixtures, for example, may require the running of additional wires behind the walls. Bringing the electrical system in an old house up to code is another story altogether. Wiring Read More »

crown molding miter saw coping saw

How To Cut Crown Molding

Cutting Crown Molding Using a miter saw to cut crown molding is one of the nicest ways to finish a room. There’s just something almost regal about the way it extends the ceiling height and gives the entire room a more finished appearance. Most people think of mansions or castles when they think about crown Read More »

Framing Materials To Consider When Remodeling

Framing Materials When you are considering framing materials before a remodeling project starts there are pros and cons to using both wood or metal studs, making neither option the clean-cut winner. Much of this decision depends on the particular application and your personal preferences. Here’s a quick run-down on the differences between the two types Read More »