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Makita Silica Dust Solutions

Makita Silica dust solutions are a blend of new and existing products to keep you protected. Learn how to keep workers protected from respirable silica dust while staying compliant with the new regulations. Makita has developed a full line approach to protecting workers from respirable silica dust and it all revolves around their dust extractors, Read More »

Flooded sign blocking off roadway

Quick Dam Flood Barriers Review

Depending on where you live, flooding from heavy rain or snow melt can be a fact of life. Quick Dam flood barriers offer protection, defending your home and belongings from damage. While flood protection is important, we also are a fan of Quick Dam products for a few other reasons. Why We Like Quick Dam Easy Read More »

keeping cool

Keeping Cool In the Workplace

April is here, May is right around the corner (no joke) and summer’s not far behind. Keeping cool on the jobsite is imperative so if you haven’t already done so, you’ll have to break out your cooling gear to handle higher temps and the hazard of workplace heat stress soon. But the innovative cooling PPE Read More »

bosch dust extractor

Bosch Concrete Dust Collection Review

The adage about cracking a few eggs to make an omelet rings true to anyone who has ever had to remodel or fix anything. Mess is the inevitable result of almost all types of construction and remodeling, especially when concrete is involved. Check out how BOSCH dust collection solutions help you clean up dust and Read More »

osha compliant

Being OSHA Compliant With The New Crystalline Silica Rule

OSHA is issuing two new standards to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica.  The first for construction will be in effect on September 23, 2017* and the other is for General Industry and Maritime which will be in effect on June 23, 2018. Here is what you need to be OSHA compliant. Why Read More »

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes in a Wall

Frozen pipes can be a real issue during the winter months. Pipes that run outdoors or along the outer walls of the home are the most vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, simply keeping the interior of your home warm isn’t enough protection for pipes that run close to exterior walls. Water pipes that run from Read More »

generator, portable generator, standby generator, whole house generator

Do You Need A Portable Or Home Standby Generator

Let’s Get Personal About Generators Buying the right generator is personal. It has to do with your power needs, your budget, how you view convenience and where you live. This process doesn’t have to be difficult, and generator experts are available to help you with this buying decision. Nonetheless, there are several personal questions you Read More »

Tethering Tools to Prevent Drops

How To Avoid Dropping Your Tools When you’re working with your feet off the ground, even an innocent tape measure that slips from your grasp or slides off your belt becomes a dangerous meteor plummeting to the jobsite below. After all, any object –however small – gains force as it accelerates downward as a result Read More »