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Milwaukee Tool Lanyards Prevent Accidental Drops

Stay Safe & Maximize Productivity With New Milwaukee® Tool Lanyards Milwaukee Tools is proud to introduce their brand-new line of tool safety lanyards, and we are excited to share them with you.  We got an early look at them and they are safe, convenient, and very easy to use.  These safety cords will catch your accidents…

New Milwaukee M18 FUEL Super Sawzall 2722-21HD

The Newest Addition To The Sawzall Family Sawzalls were first introduced to the world in 1951 when Milwaukee Tool created the first-ever electric reciprocating saw that could cut through just about anything.  Practically overnight the new saw revolutionized construction, plumbing, and countless other trades. Since then, the name Sawzall has become synonymous with the tool. Now there’s a…