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Is Milwaukee’s 1″ Cordless Impact Wrench setting the bar too high?

When Ironworkers are assembling a building or a bridge they rely on large, heavy, electric impact wrenches to get the job done, until now. Milwaukee Tools has just released their M18 Cordless 1″ Impact Wrench (2867-22) and with its fastening torque of 1500 ft-lbs and nut-busting torque of 1800 ft-lbs this tool is ideal for Read More »

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Braking Grinder

Milwaukee wants to give its users the power they need to get a job done and the freedom of movement. With their newest grinder, get the power and the cutting capability to handle any situation. When it comes to grinders, they are used to use abuse and demanding jobs. But have you ever had a Read More »

Metabo New High Torque Dry Polishers

Learn more about Metabo’s newest electric polisher that will make car and truck enthusiast or remodeler rejoice.  Metabo is proud to introduce their newest tool, their Variable Speed High Torque Dry Polisher. Meant to give you professional-grade results and intended for those who are in the automotive or stone and concrete polishing market. Get that Read More »

You Just Bought Your First Drill Press. Now What?

Sure, a hand-operated drill is very efficient at making holes. But now, with your new drill press, you have really stepped up your game! Your drilling will be more precise, and due to the drill presses larger motor, you’re able to use larger bits to make bigger holes. The following tips will help you get Read More »

The Multi-Volt for Multiple Tools by Metabo HPT

Metabo HPT, formerly Hitachi Power Tools, is releasing a new battery line for their tools. Does Metabo HPT sound unfamiliar to you? What happened to Hitachi Power Tools? Why did they change the name?! Don’t worry, Metabo HPT is a different name but the same company. The decision to change the name was to separate from the limits Read More »

New DeWalt Grinder: First Corded Angle Grinder

A New Angle On The Corded Grinder DeWalt Grinders, especially electric angle grinders, are brutally efficient tools, but their basic design hasn’t changed a whole lot since their invention. While cordless grinders have seen vast improvements over the past decade, with the introduction of Lithium-Ion batteries and brushless motors, they have not shared any of Read More »

Metabo batteries power the cordless alliance system tools by 9 manufacturers

Cordless Alliance System is a Revolutionary Partnership

Metabo Germany Announces its partnership with 8 other power tool manufacturers to create the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) Under the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) partnership, nine manufactures of similar company size and with a clear focus on power tools for professional applications, will be sharing the same battery platform and chargers produced by Metabo. This Read More »

schematic of baldor bench grinder

Baldor Bench Grinder Size Buying Guide

Baldor Bench Grinder Buying Guide Bench grinders are a very powerful, useful, and unfortunately an often misused tool. You can use one to sharpen a lawnmower blade, return the cutting edge to a chisel, polish wood, or even grind gemstones to shape, among countless other uses. They can do just about anything from fine finishing Read More »

Using An Anvil For Metal Forging

The Best Way To Use An Anvil Metalworking is an impressive skill set. Blacksmiths work at perfecting their craft for years before they feel masterful. Some of the most successful blacksmiths in the United States have workshops where they own and operate their own custom metal fabrication business. They often use an anvil for metal Read More »

Bench Grinder and Belt Grinder Techniques

Grinders can do similar things, but they do have their individual specialties Grinders are used in a variety of applications when working with metal or wood. You can cut nails or screws away from boards or create an amazing custom sword if you know the proper techniques. The specific grinder you use will depend on Read More »