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Milwaukee Trim Square, Pipe Lock Level, & Pocket Level

Hoping to redefine the layout & measurement category, Milwaukee announced the upcoming release of three new tools: The 4-1/2 inch Trim Square, Pipe Lock Level, and the Pocket Level. Because of the lack of innovation in the market, they took user feedback and designed tools that give a compact, durable performance with user-friendly features. Trim Read More »

DeWalt Drill drilling into a wall

The Top 16 BEST Plumbing Tools 2019

Plumbing is a demanding job that requires a variety of tools. From cutting, pressing, tightening, and even some specialty tools, you’ll find yourself needing all of them on one task or another. With that said there are so many options that it’s hard to gauge what is neccessary . Well, at Acme Tools we want Read More »

Avalanche Snow Rake: Number 1 Roof Tool

Snow is piling high on your roof, and right now it’s not a problem. Left unattended snow’s extreme weight can cause damage to the infrastructure of your roof and become a hazard when falling. If you decide to let it to melt it might refreeze, and you will run the risk of getting an ice Read More »

New Year New Hobby: Automotive Care

You want to start fixing your car yourself. That’s great! But do you know what tools you’ll need to get started? Find out about the must-have tools you need to get to tunning up and fixing your car. When you learn how to maintain your vehicle, you can save time and stop severe issues before Read More »

Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure, A First Look

How does one measure a tape? By its length? By its durability? Its versatility? Why not all of the above? Introducing the all new Milwaukee STUD tape. Designed for maximum durability, these new tapes can take a walloping and keep right on chugging. Caught On Tape “This year we are taking durability to the next Read More »

Milwaukee® Introduces Slim Profile Ratchets & Wrench-Compatible Sockets

Having to work in tight spaces is never fun, especially if you are a mechanic. Bolts on everything you work on doesn’t make life easy. So, one of your best friends in your toolbox would be your ratchet. From under the hood and into the interior, it is the preferred tool needed in the garage. Read More »

DeWalt Carbon Fiber Sledgehammers and Axes

Not Another Carbon Copy Sledgehammers and Axes need to be reliable and sturdy. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t prone to breaking. DeWalt has heard about these issues and is introducing a new series of hammers and axes that help improve on that problem. With their Carbon Fiber Axes and Sledges, they improve on Read More »