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12 Days of Deals: Day 12

The Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio is build for the demanding needs of the professional contractor and has the features asked for by all users.  The high performance audio system features dual speaker and passive radiators while sporting metal speaker grills and shock absorbing end caps that help prevent damage. The Milwaukee radio 2890-20 has best-in-class reception…

12 Days of Deals: Day 11

We have all heard about putting a note in a bottle and sending it out to sea, but how about putting some Christmas lights into a bottle and setting them around your house or workshop for decorations? Here is what you will need to do to complete this fun holiday project. Tools and Materials Needed:…

12 Days of Deals: Day 10

  Have you been wishing you could use your cordless tools to solve boring tasks in the kitchen?  Try using a Milwaukee M12 Drill / Impact Driver Kit to peel apples while creating a tasty apple crisp. Tools and Ingredients Needed: Milwaukee M12 Drill / Impact Driver Kit Milwaukee 1/2In Spade Bit 3 Apples Vegetable…

12 Days of Deals: Day 9

The SkilSaw circular saw is the tool that Built America, how about using it for building Christmas decorations out of an old pallet.  The shape of a Christmas tree goes hand in hand with the holiday season so we created a project that can be displayed all winter long. Tools and Material Needed: SkilSaw Circular…

12 Days of Deals: Day 8

Looking for a fun holiday decoration project that children of all ages can do and and will enjoy?  The Hitachi Finish Nailer and Air Compressor Combo Kit will allow you to have some fun with a string Christmas tree and when you are done it is durable enough to be used on the jobsite day…

12 Days of Deals: Day 7

Take your favorite music with you no matter where you go.  The Makita 18V LXT Li-Ion Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be jobsite ready but sylish enough to have at all outdoor events.  It is capable of running off all Makita slide type batteries from 10.8V to 18V and with the optional AC adapter it…

12 Days of Deals: Day 6

A quick and easy way to prolong the color and feel of your real Christmas tree is to drill a hole in the bottom of the tree before mounting it into the holder.  The hole will increase the surface area that the tree uses to take water in and lengthens the life of the tree….

12 Days of Deals: Day 5

Making a wood snowflake can be a great family project or an item that can be sold at local craft fairs.  The Bosch 5In Random Orbit Sander makes quick work smoothing recycled materials as you can see in our decorative snowflake build. Tools Needed: Safety Glasses Gloves Circular Saw or Reciprocating Saw Miter Saw Bosch…

12 Days of Deals: Day 4

The Irwin extending multi-bit driver is no ordinary screwdriver.  Its unique design features a locking mechanism that allows the length of the shaft to be adjusted from 5″ to 11″ in  1″ increments which gives you 7 different screwdrivers in 1 unit.  On top of that it comes with 5 interchangeable bit tips that fit…