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How to Personalize Any Gift with a Simple Tool

Use this versatile power tool to make any item you have unique and specific to the people you care about when giving them a gift.

You want to add a personal touch to a gift, but you’re not good at writing poems or letters, and there is no holiday card out there to say how much you care about someone. But you do have a Dremel, and you are good with your hands. Here are a few ideas that you can use your rotary tool to personalize a gift or item. Making a unique gift to the person you care about and using your skills to impress them.

Skills to Try

  1. Engraving– With a steady hand, a vision, and minimal drawing skills, you can customize a gift made out of a variety of materials to add a message, numbers, or even their name. Use it on PVC, wood, metal, leather, ceramic, or even glass. No matter what the material of your gift is, you can give it a unique touch.
  2. Grinding/ Polishing– If your gift is made of metal and needs some shine back, you can use a rotary to make your gift look brand new(ish). Using different attachments will help you yield the best result on different materials like a grinding stone to sharpen a present or to give it a specific shape. Then there is the silicon carbide grinding stone for engraving in glass or a wire brush to get rid of rust.
  3. Cutting– Now if you want to add some accents or a little decoration, you can cut designs into your gift. You can also use it if there are any unsightly blemishes or material from your work on your present and a pair of scissors won’t do the job.

Now that you know some of the methods of how to use your Dremel let’s talk about ideas for your gifts.


With engraving, using the proper bit for the right material, you can personalize a gift to better suit someone specifically. For instance, if you made someone a wooden gift in your workshop and you wanted to add their name on it, you could do that with the rotary. You could also go and burn a name into the piece, but that requires fire and a customized brand. Taking up more time and resources than just scribing it out yourself.

You can use this with a stencil and sharpie as well to outline images that they like and transfer the design onto the material. Once that is done, you can go over with your rotary tool and slowly add a detailed image. Then you have the option for the artistic person to freehand the design and make something truly one of a kind. Either way, if you are engraving a name, a number, or an image, this will show without out a doubt that you put time and effort into their gift.

Grinding/ Polishing

This next one has a use for restoration on smaller pieces and in tight hard to reach places. Perfect for that thrift store gift you saw but needs a little beautification. For quick work, to sharpen dull edges use a grinding stone attachment. You could also use this attachment on wood to make handmade shapes and designs.

Then using an abrasive buffs remove rust in tight areas and hard to reach places or polish them to get a shine. Using chemicals is also an option, but it can potentially ruin a piece and still wouldn’t get into those small crevices. When making a gift like this, it is better to take your time than try and rush the process.


The final one seems a bit strange but hear me out on why you might need to use this feature.

Cutting comes in handy when a gift you have needs some accents or requires some extra material taken off. Use this for decoration to lay intricate patterns on materials or to cut patterns or shapes out of materials that scissors can’t usually get through.

Using this in tandem with any of the other two uses can result in a great piece from otherwise ordinary things. For instance, use the cutting attachment on a cutting board to inlay a frame. Then using both the grinding and engraving methods create an image. You could either freehand it or use a stencil to copy on a design.


Final Thoughts

Add a unique and personal touch to any gift you make or have and share it with the person that means the most to you. If you can’t find the perfect gift, not a poet or good with words but still want to show you care, using your hands and your skills with this tool can show how much you care. Craft them a personal wine glass, making them a specific Christmas ornament, but any Christmas gift made by hand is ten times more special than any store-bought gift.

And after the holidays you can use these skills and handy tool to make gifts years round. From home decor to add more personality to a project you’ve been working on. Who knows? You might already have some awesome gift ideas to use for next year.

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