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Occidental Leather Pro Framer Tool Torture

Occidental Leather is known for making the finest tool belts for the general construction and framing industry.  Let’s see how well the Occidental Leather Pro Framer held up to our Torture Tests.

Wear and Tear Test

occidental leatherThe day to day rubbing and scraping that your tool bag goes through will cause most belts to fail in 2-4 years.  The Occidental Leather tool belts are known for lasting a lifetime.  To test this out we decided to give it a lifetime’s worth of abrasion all at one shot.  The 4″x24″ belt sander with 80 grit paper scuffed up the tool belt but it did not cause any failures on the seams.  The Occidental Leather belt is proving to be made for the long haul.

Water Test

The Occidental tool belt did such a good job with our abrasion testing that we started to think what could stop a leather belt.  Most belts start to shrink after getting wet so we decided to take our 4 gallon per minute 3000 psi pressure washer after it to see if we could use water to cut the belt or break any of the seams.

The pouches, hammer loop, and belt held up much better than we thought.  The 3000 psi pressure washer with the 0° tip installed can cut skin and remove paint from a vehicle if you are not careful.  The Occidental Leather pouches and belt did show signs of scarring but the water jets did little to stop this framing rig.  Will anything we have be able to stop this tool belt?

Weight Test

Most craftsmen carry some basic tools and the specific tools needed for that days job in their tool belt.  What would happen to the Occidental Leather tool belt if we decided to carry all of our tools at one time, and just because a fully loaded tool belt is not enough, we decided to see if it would pick up a 400lb skidsteer bucket.

occidental leather

We rigged the weight of the bucket to be lifted from the pockets and not from the belt.  By hooking up our chains this way we are fully testing the integrity of the stitching that is being used on the pouches.  When the skidsteer started to lift the pockets held up really well but as the full weight of the bucket was put onto the seams they started to tear.  We were surprised that they did not just blow out but slowly tore open.  Each stitch was putting up a fight to lift this metal bucket.  When the chain hook reached the end of the seam it grabbed onto the corner of the pouch and completed its lift.


Pro Framer Conclusion

Acme Tools has been selling Occidental Leather products for over 25 years and we know the quality that is put into every piece they make.  We gave the Pro Framer a real test that would simulate a lifetime’s worth of wear and tear in one afternoon.  When we used the belt sander on the pouches and hammer loop we expected the material to hold but thought we would see some damage to the stitching.  The belt got the best of us with that test.  We then went after it with the full force of a 3000 psi pressure washer, again it was showing some signs of the test but it held up.  Our final test is overboard for the amount of weight you would ever hold in one of these tools belts, but that is the purpose of these tests.  What will it take to bring this unit to failure.  Unfortunately the 400lb skidsteer bucket was enough to tear out the stitching but after reviewing the pouch it could be sent into Occidental Leather where their professional leathersmiths could repair the pouch.  In conclusion be agree with Occidental Leather in saying that this is The Best Belt.

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